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The rothom.net site is intended to share information. We strive to identify and initiate ways and means to solutions to various problems mankind faces in the current times. The site may contain misstatements, errors of any sort, or other material that should not have found a place in the site. We request all concerned to contact us and bring to our notice any such information. We will make all efforts to address the issue in all available ways. These include stating the view brought to our notice along with the information as possible, giving a clarification, rectifying the information and deleting the information.

Changes and updates to the information in the site are made periodically. Expressions in the site that resemble those at other sources are coincidental and indicate at the most a resemblance.

We do not warrant or assume any responsibilities. There is no warranty of merchantability of contents nor does any other warranty. Contents of this site include all information, process, product, images or other data. Nothing in this site is intended to be legal, moral, ethical, economic or financial or other advice in any circumstances, to any person or persons natural or artificial. All readers are advised to make their own research and analysis and come to their own conclusion and if need be consult appropriate professionals and take an opinion. Every person who uses this site, is expected to use on "as is where is" basis, with all the merits and demerits. There is no contractual or tortuous relation ship between the reader or other third party and us. Every reader is free to draw his own inferences and make his own judgment.

We do not endorse content of the advertisers on this site, or linked to this site. We do not have control on external sites and hence are not responsible to the content or consequences associated with the other websites linked to this site. The links are for information and convenience.

We shall not be liable under any circumstances for any damages such as direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential; that may be related to this site by any person or persons, natural or artificial.

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