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Our World and Money

  • Here is the website that introduces you to the most exciting topic of modern life, the topic about MONEY

  • This website directs to the only way Governments of the world can work to make all people in the world financially free for life.

  • This web site directs to the only way the business persons shall do real business.

  • This web site directs to some of the ways how the individuals can be helpful in solving the problems of money as well as many other problems.

  • Yes! It is about real problems of everyday life.

  • We need to find a simple but effective solution.

  • The book about "ROTHOM ...." that focuses on many of the major problems of today and solutions, gives an idea of the above and lets you change your outlook about Money, Finance, Administrataion and Society. After all, Humans are the base of any Society and make a strong social fabric.

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  • Make an effort to know all about the money, money game and game players.

  • It is the super money game not limited to video screens but being played live in the invisibly "closed and gated" arena of our world.

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Act so that Rothom be the base of our way of Life

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